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When’s The Best Time of Year to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand has a charm of its own and its always great to visit New Zealand at any time of the year. However, various visitors have certain preferences, some try to avoid crowds, others just hate to do travel in a specific season. There are activities you can do in a particular season and you can’t do it in a different season. If you’re into snowboarding, you can’t do that in summers. You have to first understand what you are going to do there, what are your likes and what season best caters to your requirements. The seasons get quite confusing and are quite the opposite of the Northern-hemisphere, e.g the winter in New Zealand is in June. You should be aware of that.

  • Summer: Dec, Jan, Feb,
  • Autumn: Mar, Apr, May
  • Winter: Jun, Jul, Aug
  • Spring: Sep, Oct, Nov

You should make a list of things to see in New Zealand, like hiking, sky diving or birdwatching, and shift accordingly to the time as what is summer to you is winter in New Zealand.



It’s usually advised to not visit New Zealand in winter unless you are addicted to snow. Summer is a good time to enjoy the New Zealand weather, whether you are planning to meet someone, or on a trip, most of the activities can be achieved in summer. Trekking, hiking, or birdwatching is fun in the times of summer. During the summer the beaches are at their best and you can enjoy your time on the beaches, however, if you happen to visit in winter, it still worth a stop at the beach. But, make sure that you adhere to the time because summer in New Zealand is Dec, Jan, and February.


Autumn acquires its beauty. The golden leaves and the transformation of nature to be ready for winter produces one of the picturesque views. The inflow of the tourists is also low allowing you the liberty of concentrating more on nature and its marvels. You can see the wildlife, stargaze, cycle or take a cruise all of them accessible and made much more convenient.


There is a wide range of varieties to do in winter. You can have a panoramic view of the Auckland city from its Skyline 328-meter high tower, or go to Queenstown for skiing, hiking or bungee jumping. The snow-capped landscape and pristine climate add to the breathtaking scenery. You should keep in mind that the temperatures vary as well as the period of winter, and it starts in June and lasts till August. In other words, you will leave in summer from your place and when you reach New Zealand, it would be winter. That’s how things and climate work in New Zealand.



Spring is also a great time for tourists to visit. The winter is coming to an end giving birth to whole new activities like rafting, see the gardens, witness the blooming of flowers and see how the forests take an entirely different shape. With occasional showers and sunny days, your time will be full of surprises and mesmerizing beauty making your time immemorial. It’s also a time when the flowers start blooming and you can see the spectacular phenomenon by visiting various of the spring festivals in Dunedin. There are various parks in New Zealand to visit and see the plants blossoming into a new life. It is indeed, one of the best times to see the country in its fullest.


There is no specific time to visit New Zealand. Every season in the country is beautiful on its own. However, there are more activities in summer like hiking, skydiving, climbing, visiting, etc that make it stand apart from the other seasons, but other seasons are also full of surprises. It’s beautiful to watch the spring and flowers sprout, or to ski, it surely depends upon your choice and intentions of the visit. If you’re into rafting and want to see the blooming of flowers, come in the spring or you would like to see the golden leaves in Autumn, it’s entirely your choice. The place will never disappoint you in meeting your expectations.