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Top 3 Land-Based Casinos in New Zealand

New Zealand is an ideal touristy destination and if you happen to be planning your next trip and wonder where to go, New Zealand can never disappoint you. The place offers you solace from your busy life and takes you on a crazy of a ride full of adventures. Whether you want to go for Skydiving or see the Caverns, or perhaps you’re interested in outdoors or want to jump into a boiling pool, the Island nation can become one of the best experiences of your life. Apart from that, Newzealand has a wide range of Casinos if you’re a Casino type. From Slot machines to Poker games, the casinos give you a feeling of royalty and entertainment in a single parcel. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Christchurch Casino:

The casino was opened in 1994 and offering around 500 pokies. The casino has an electronic room where the games can be played for free, a Baccarat room, a wide variety of poker games and if you’re dealing into slot machines, it’s got it all. Apart from that, the Bar in the Casino has a good quality of food, whether you’re a fan of Cantonese food or you would like to drown into cheesy Pizzas, you wouldn’t regret having come there. Christchurch Casino is located in the Christchurch city of the East Shoreline of New Zealand’s southern island. The house has its reputation in the Casinos of the nation and if you’re coming, you will want to step into the casino. A perfect blend of entertainment and food is never regrettable.

Christchurch Casino:

Hamilton Skycity casino:

You don’t have to worry about gambling in New Zealand because it’s completely legit in the country. It actively contributes to the economy of the country. Hamilton casino has what any decent casino would offer you; an overwhelming and unforgettable experience. From its top-class food to the poker games, the casino speaks for its name. It’s situated facing the Waikato river, in the Hamilton city of Newzealand. Since 2018, it started an even called Cash Carlo event where the house offers the players an opportunity to win $4000 in two gaming chances and if you get tired by all that playing, you can always try its food. The casino is open for 24hours of fun and entertainment. It also offers premium memberships to its customers that come with certain privileges and different types of VIP rooms. The casino is open 24 hours with a bowling alley, live events, and several restaurants. The minimum age to enter is 20. The casino not just caters to the needs of the foreigners but also its local population.

Skycity Auckland:

Just a 30-minute drive from the Airport, situated in Auckland, the casino offers various poker competitions, a thousand table games and has more than one thousand gaming machines that have earned it quite a reputation among the Casinos in New Zealand. Not only that, its notorious and beautiful tower of 328-meter is what offers a magnificent view of the city if you’re not afraid of heights. The restaurant is open for 24hours and if you’re done playing the poker games and would like a bite to eat then its food and the beauty of the city will please your appetite and experience. Out of the six casinos in Newzealand, the casino was built in 1996 and has quite its reputation thanks to its skyrocketing tower and high-end services. You wouldn’t want to miss it if you’re already in the city.

Skycity Auckland


Newzealand is one of the safest tourist destinations. Its landscapes are breath-taking, the caverns stop your heart and underground caves are what you will hardly see in a different nation. Home to active volcanoes, the country offers a high quality of casinos for players to play various poker games. Unlike Vegas, the casinos in New Zealand don’t get much of the attention but the standard lives up to its reputation. From its slot machines to VIP rooms, the events and electronic games, your experiences at a Casino in Newzealand will always remain incomparable. If you’re wondering where to go next, New Zealand should be on your list, it’s something you will never forget.