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The 9 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonder of its own. The island nation has its place in the touristy crowd and there is surely more to it than meets the eye. Its breath-taking landscapes and underground caverns, casinos and outdoors, home to active volcanoes and high-class food are just the wrappers of the package. All of these locations are accessible and reachable within hours of drive. Perhaps you want to go sky diving or see the glow worms or climb the hills or stroll on its beaches, the experience is unreplaceable. It’s really hard to compare its location with one another as all of them are mesmerizing and breath-taking in themselves. If you’re traveling to the country, you would want to know the places, the perks and the excitements they hold. It’s always good to make a list of places you want to visit.

Bay of Islands:

You can reach Bay of Island in just 3 hours of drive from Auckland. The island consists of 144 islands and is the best place in New Zealand. Apart from that, you can get to explore the underwater, swim wherever it’s allowed and probably try scuba diving. The experience is always that makes up our lives and a day at the Bay of Islands is worth your time. You can also see rock formations and get to know the marine life. Choose to stay a night in its hotels that excel in services and provide you a comfortable time.

Bay of Islands

Steward Island:

The island is the third-largest island having a population of around 381. Its located in the south of South Island, 30 kilometers to be exact and is one of the most preferable tourist destinations of the country. With an area of 1680 sq km and an oceanic climate, it’s covered by forests and a national park that allows you a chance of connecting with nature and exploring its wonders. You can camp, birdwatch and trek the northwest circuit.

Tongariro national park:

The park is one of the oldest national parks in the world is full of vibrant wildlife, meadows, volcanoes, and plateaus creating a picturesque scene. The active volcanoes are in the center of the park and it was also declared a Heritage site by UNESCO. The activities like climbing, hiking, snowboarding in winter, hunting, rafting make it the best location for adventure. It was also the location where the Hollywood movie Lord of the rings’ several shots was filmed.

Tongariro national park

Glacier country:

The glacier country is located on the South Island and is part of the Westland national park. You can get to see the most beautiful glaciers in the valley. Franz Josef glacier and Fox glaciers can be seen and are regarded as the best glaciers of New Zealand. The area is full of hot pools and after the tiredness of the whole day, you can always jump into one of its pools to relax a bit. The glaciers are accessible and convenient guidance makes your trip easy and reliable.


The place is full of hot springs. There is a wide number of geysers, hot springs, hot water, steam and mud occurring in numerous places makes it a place of attraction. Apart from that, some of these springs are vibrantly colorful in their texture. A place with different topography, or say, a colorful one can always soothe our eyes.


Auckland boasts of its diverse culture. From Auckland museum to Auckland domain, its food and its people are full of life. Located on the north island, Auckland has its place in the tourist industry. And if you’re interested in the history of the city, you will find plenty of things in the museum and if everything else fails to entertain you, just climb the Auckland Harbor bridge for a different view of the city.

Fiordland national park:

The best way to experience the national park is to take a flight for a birds-eye view or the Kayaking. There is no other way, you can, however, but that’d be an injustice to such a magnificent location. From waterfalls to forests, islands and mountain peaks, the park is what one desires in a dream.

Fiordland national park

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

The cave is unique and overwhelming. If you’re in for a surprise then this place is full of it. The place is illuminated by thousands of glowworms that are the reason for light inside the cave. You can take a boat to ride through it and have the first-hand experience. After all, not everybody in this world has seen that. It attracts a huge number of tourist, locals as well as foreigners, to witness one of the miracles of nature.

Muriwai beach:

At the end of the day, you would like to see the sunset or set your eyes or surf on massive dunes while the waves sing in the background, Muriwai beach is what you will never forget. Located 40 km away from Auckland, the scenery of the beach and the thousands of birds hovering above your head is what one should never miss.


The island nation has so many places worth mentioning that one loses the capacity to articulate the qualities into words. Its hot springs, breathtaking peaks, and picturesque landscapes just add to its beauty. Apart from that, the country is full of vibrant culture and loaded with adventure. Whether you want to skydive or trek, be that strolling or birdwatching, you can always trust New Zealand to satisfy your needs.