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The 3 best casinos in New Zealand

If you haven’t been to New Zealand, surely it’s time to visit for a change. The country lives up to its widely accepted reputation of being a serene and scenic place for the touristy crowd. With much to do in the place, you will find yourself in a rollercoaster of experiences and adrenaline. The Island nation has its standard and style to be a haven for tourists as well as the locals. If you’re a fan of adventure, you can dive in the sky or see its underground caverns, its magnificent landscape or date in one of its elegant restaurants. Not only that, the country is home to one of the best Casinos in the world, and you can’t overlook them. With different Poker games and slot machines, restaurants give you a feel of royalty on its own.

Christchurch Casino:

The casino offers a range of poker games, slot machines, an electronic room, and a Baccarat room. The Got game arena has four PS4’s on the walls, the games can be played for free. Apart from games and trying out your luck on slot machines, if you’re hungry, you wouldn’t regret having tried one of its food services. The Monza bar offers you delicious food under reasonable prices like Burgers, Pizzas, and steak. Or if you’re into Cantonese food, noodles, and dumplings will melt your taste buds. You can see for regular offers of discounts at the Bar. Located in Christchurch, a city on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, the city is full of gardens, parks, and trees. Stepping into the Casino will add more excitement to your NZ trip and if you’re just planning to visit right now, I suppose you should pack your bags without a second thought.

Hamilton Skycity Casino:

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The Casino is located at the face of the Waikato River. Along with the scenic location, the Casino offers what any majestic Casino would offer. From a diverse range of gaming machines and poker games, the food served in the restaurants is second to none. On Nov 9, 2018, it launched the ‘Money Carlo’ event, where the business gives chances to win $4000 in two chances. The casino is open 24/7 and located in Hamiton city of New Zealand. In an addition, the city is full of wonders, check the food, see the glow worms, you can stroll on its roads, or hike the mountains and above all, interact and make new friends. Whether you lose or win in a game, the chances of getting a friend on the table are always high.

Skycity Auckland:

If you’re in New Zealand, you can’t overlook its glorious casinos. Almost every city has its share of Casinos. Unlike cities like Las Vegas, Casinos in New Zealand don’t get their share of public reach but it doesn’t lag in terms of its service. Sky City Auckland was opened in 1996 and its jump to the prominence can be attributed to its iconic 328-meter sky tower. Apart from that, the casino offers poker tournaments, a one thousand table games and has around 1600 gaming machines. It’s situated in the middle of Auckland, a half-an-hour drive from the airport. You can choose to stay the night in the hotel and relieve yourself of all the fatigue of the day or you can choose to go up to the Skycity tower to have a panoramic view of the city above the street level. That’s something you don’t see every day, free and a memory for a lifetime. The city is full of sails and it won’t disappoint you at any moment.

Las Vegas


New Zealand has its share of Casino culture and if you’re an enthusiast, you surely will like all that comes with it. Almost every city has its slice of the Casino, and it’s hard to distinguish one from the other, but if you were to find some difference, it would be not much. All of the Casinos are high-end and offer comfortable services and a wide variety of games. In other words, the casinos have their casino standard and they make you feel a sense of royalty, a touch of elegance with a load of entertainment to make your day.