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9 Things To Do On A Layover At Auckland Airport

Layover in an airport can be boring but not at Auckland airport. The airport is full of eateries, massage lounges, and shops that you would hardly feel bored. If you have little time to go check out the city given that you will require about two hours through the customs and that will give you a short time to check the city, there is more you can do inside the airport, if you don’t enjoy sitting and waiting for your flight. Depending upon your mood and preferences, there are plenty of options that are wide and open for you, that you would hardly want that time to end.

Lounge facilities:

You’re tired of traveling and an airport lounge is your refuge. The lounge offers services to freshen up like showers, you can use the Wifi, have food and relax. No matter your flight and the status of your ticket, you can simply use your membership or pay to enter the lounge. After a few hours of travel, you will certainly need some time to relax in a lounge.

Lounge facilities


Various eateries in the airport offer several kinds of foods like local food, Mediterranean, sushi and other kinds of foods to satisfy your appetite. You can also step into international brands like Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s and Burger King. Various of these establishments remain open 24/7 including many of the other cafes and restaurants. A good meal is always refreshing.


In gates 2-4, you can find massage chairs. Stepping down in one of those is always beneficial working on your muscles.


You can select from various shops from the international terminal. The domestic airport doesn’t offer much of the shopping options, but the international terminal has a wide variety of shops. You can browse through the shops, through different kinds of perfumes, souvenirs, jewelry. It’s a fun way to kill time. After all, you will have something to remind you of the city.


Showers and sleep:

It’s always good to take a shower after a flight and when you have free showers in your transit, why would you miss it. You can get a shower kit from the nearby outlets and take a bath. With seats having better armrests you can choose to catch up on some sleep, use a headphone to cut-off the noise but make sure to not sleep much.


There are games arcades in the airport and its just so fun to kill your layover time. You can just keep playing and how time flies you wouldn’t even know. Though, you should mark your time and make sure you return to your gate on your prescribed time.


Go to the city:

If you have enough time, you can move out of the airport. Climb the Skycity tower and have a panoramic view of the city, but you should always keep in mind that you will have to go through the customs while coming and getting in. That will cut your time also. And if you still have enough time, move out of the airport. Go to the free Rangito island or having a meal at a local restaurant, see the city. You wouldn’t get that chance every day.

Have a coffee:

If you’re a coffee fan, the cafes in the airport speak for their coffee. You can have a nice cup of coffee to kill your time and if you love snacks, that you can find in abundance.


It’s always good to bring back a memory and jewelry is an item that stays for a longer time. Step into one of the jewelry shops where you can find unique and traditional items. Scrolling through various types, you will surely find something attractive to your eyes.


Layovers can be quite boring with nothing to do but wait. Auckland airport has numerous options to kill the boredom. The free showers to refresh, massage for your muscles, shopping choices, elegant restaurants, and delicious food is just the cover of the parcel. If you stroll around it, you can shop or find yourself a lounge or play a game to have some fun. All that in a single airport is what you can do through your layover.