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5 Things To Know About New Zealand’s casinos

Whether you’re visiting New Zealand for a trip or to meet someone, the chances are that you would surely not overlook its casinos. Among the breath-taking landscapes and its magnificent caverns, New Zealand offers a great choice of Casinos for the players. From various slot machines to electronic rooms, the houses not only cater to your needs of playing but also satisfy your appetite. And finally, if you’re tired, you can step into one of its restaurants and enjoy top-class food, whether you’re into Cantonese or a simple burger, the fact is services or the poker games speak for its quality and elegance. Not only the natural appeal, but the island nation can also turn your time into the most entertaining moments of your life.

Legit and regulated:

You don’t have to worry about gambling being illegal in New Zealand because it’s not. A large chunk is controlled by the state and the overall gambling activities are regulated by the internal affairs of New Zealand. The industry actively contributes to the economy of New Zealand and not only caters to the players but also locals in the form of returns. You can bet on racecourses, Pokies and lotteries or with slot machines, nothing can stop you but you. However, there are certain regulations that houses have to follow for their business but those are their problems and all you can worry about is which game to play next.


Casinos in the country can be different and impose restrictions or codes for their players. The minimum age requirement to enter a casino is 20 years and various casinos have a dress code for its players. Not necessarily formal, but not your pajamas, you might want to research about the casino you’re visiting because the dress code can vary from casino to casino.



Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Dunedin have their casinos. There is not a single hub for casino activities but every city has its own space in the industry. There are around six casinos in New Zealand spread across all of its cities and every place has its charm in its attraction. Christchurch hosts casino where apart from trying out on slot machines, you can also play on a PS4 with a Bar which offers delicious mouth-watering food. Whether that is Hamilton casino or Skycity casino lines, the experience is what can never be replaceable.

The Skycity :

The casinos are unique in their way but Skycity venues stand out. Its name speaks for itself. The properties can be found in various cities. Hamilton SkyCity offers an even called “money Carlo” where they allow players to win $4000 in two gaming chances and is situated at the Waikato River. Skycity Auckland was built in 1996, its 328-meter sky tower is what makes it iconic and apart from that thousand table games and 1600 gaming machines are one of its features. The SkyCity venues are unique in their design and exude a sense of elegance and extravagance in your experience. If you want to touch a royal experience with unlimited enjoyment, you need to step into one of these.

Online and entertainment:

Online and entertainment

The industry has evolved a lot. New Zealand casinos offer more than gambling and slot machines. There are online casinos in New Zealand offering Pokies or slot machines at your convenience and easy pay-outs. The programmed and animated pokies can be played with much ease without giving a thought to the security as all of them are reliable and legal. The restaurants of the skyline venue offer you a mesmerizing food experience and not only casinos, the venue act as resorts and hotels where you can find nice food, do shopping or enjoy live shows. And if you’re not into poker games and slot machines, these Casinos know how to keep you entertained throughout your time.


New Zealand has its share of reputation in the world, but no matter how hidden its Casino industry is, it doesn’t mean it lags behind anyone else. The Casino can function as high-end hotels, keep you entertained by its wide range of activities and make you experience a time unforgettable. There are about six casinos in the country and all of them are unique in their way and no matter what city are you in, you will always find a house that deserves your attention.