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Everything You Need To Know About Arriving In A New Zealand Airports

If you’ve decided to visit New Zealand, you need to know the dos and don’ts of the country. There are certain guidelines for the visitors regarding what they can bring and don’t. To pass into the country, you’ll have to go through strict customs who’ll check your details and help you through the process. Unless you are not bringing in any forbidden item, you need not worry. The process may take a little time because it’s necessary to scrutinize every passenger. If you’ve packed, you need to know if you’re complying with the rules of the country.

Forbidden items:

There are certain types of foods and items that can’t be brought into the country. However, some are outright forbidden others have to be declared to the customs officer so that they can decide whether it’s safe to allow them. Some items need to be clean to be brought to the country. Carrying an endangered species, hazardous items, food items like meat, vegetables, fish or honey, weapons, and not prescribed drugs are not allowed. Make sure to not pack these things. You can always refer to your agent in a matter of what is allowed and what’s forbidden


Visa and return ticket:

You will need your passport, visa and your return ticket at the airport. Without it, you can’t be allowed. Also, you need to show that you have a sufficient amount of money to fund your trip to the country.

Passenger Arrival card:

You will also need to produce your Passenger Arrival Card to the customs. This card is given to you when you’re in the flight and you’re required to declare anything you’re bringing, personal information, details about your Visa and its type and another sort of detail about your previous visits.

Arrival card

Passport control:

You will have to go through passport control, where you will be asked various questions about your visit. Like the purpose of your visit, if you have sufficient amount to support the trip, Visa, any contacts in the country, your last visit and details about the cash you’re bringing in. The officer will write on your passenger card which will help you go through Biosecurity and customs and also a stamp to finally allow you in the country. This is almost the procedure for every international airport.


Visitors may be allowed to have a duty free concession on certain products like alcohol and cigarettes depending on the conditions and their age.


You will need to declare what kind of things you’re bringing in to the country. If it’s contraband or a portion of food, everything has to be declared to assess the custom officers. This is very important to process your entry into the country. Fill up the passenger form correctly given in the plane.


The laws of New Zealand require to prohibit the entry of dangerous pests that could have an impact on the horticulture in the country. You need to fill up the passenger card carefully and declare if you’re bringing any plant or food, dispose of any items if required and declare everything that needs to be. If you didn’t, you will be fined a huge sum.



You can take a bus to your destination or an Uber. There is no dearth of transport like a rental car or a bus, you can opt for any one of these according to your comfortability. The bus connects to almost every corner of the country and stops near famous streets and hotels. You shall reach your destination within no time.


Rules and regulations of international airports differ from country to country. The customs of New Zealand are very strict but if you follow the rules and are aware of them, you would find it quite easy to get through the customs. There are certain guidelines for travelers to follow. New Zealand doesn’t have a border with any country, so they must protect their environment from hazardous substances. Allowing a dangerous pesticide inside the country can be harmful to the horticulture of the country. You will need to declare everything on your card and if you think the item you have with you is prohibited, you can trash it. You shall be able to pass through the customs in no time.