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How to get to SKYCITY casino in Auckland by bus, train or ferry

The quality services of Skycity casinos are one of its kind, with its top-end food, tournaments and poker games, the name has succeeded in distinguishing itself in the industry. And if you’re in New Zealand, you can’t ignore anyone its splendid casinos let alone Skycity. Established in 1996, the casinos offer a wide range of poker games and tables to entertain its players. Apart from that, its equipped with a thousand table games, 1600 gaming machines and regularly hold poker competitions (Watch For Career). Located in the city of Auckland, in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. Situated in a city of incomparable wildlife and picturesque landscapes, Skyline casino is about a half-hour far from the international airport.They can aslo be accessed by playing the popular SkyCity Online casino option.

Reach by bus:

If you’ve just arrived at the Auckland airport, it’ll take you about half an hour to reach. There are several ways to reach your destinations. Take the Hamilton-central bus from the airport, the bus leaves 4 times in a day so no matter what time you arrive at the airport, you can always find a bus to take you. Step down from the Auckland central and your destination is 94 meters away from you, about a minute walk. Or you can take a Bus via 237 Queen St from Stop B international terminal and get down at 237 Queen St. It would take you about 3 minutes to complete 313 meters from Queen St. to the hotel. Take the Sky Bus that operates from the Airport and is the most convenient service. Bus – 221, Bus – 249, Bus – INN, Bus – SKY also have routes that pass through SkyCity if you’re not in the airport.

time you arrive

Reach by train:

You need to change your airport from international and reach to the domestic airport. Take the train from Stop B international terminal. The train will take you about 36 minutes crossing through 11 stops finally reaching at 237 Queen St. You need to get down at the station and walk 400 meters. Your destination will be there. Or if you’re not at the airport, you will want to take Train – EAST, Train – STH that shall bring you to the hotel. The train is reachable from the Auckland Museum, as well as from the beach. So, no need to worry.

station and walk

Reach by Ferry:

The ferry operates every day, and in case you can’t reach a bus or a train, this is your best option. The ferry that passes through Queen Street is Wynward Quarter to Karangahape. You need to get down at Queen street, walk a little and there it is; your destination. The ferry operates from almost every sphere and you would find it easy to get along with its search. By taking a Ferry MTIA, your destination is minutes far. It’s really easy to get around New Zealand due to the widely reachable transportation facilities. Buses go everywhere, trains and ferries take you to any place you want and cover almost every nook and corner of the country. On top of that, it’s convenient and cheap, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot to travel around and reach your destination in and around the city. You can find affordable travel options in Auckland, whether you opt for a Cab, train or ferry, it’s always in your budget. It would be wise to know which bus or train to take before boarding it so that you don’t end up confused, for everything else there are also high-tech maps to guide us.


Almost all of the locations in Auckland are accessible quite easily thanks to the convenient transportation facilities available. Whether you take a bus or a ferry or a train, they cross through every location and within a minutes’ walk, you can reach your location. Apart from that, transportation is quite convenient and cheap making it much preferable and if you don’t want to take a cab or can’t access a bus, there is a train that covers every location, or a ferry that shall not only give you a lifetime experience but also reach your location within minutes. About half an hour of distance from the airport, Skycity Auckland casino is a fair choice when it comes to an ideal location.