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The Most Popular Slot Machines in New Zealand

No matter what skill level you have in casino gambling, it is assumed that you are sure to have a fun time as you play one of many slot games that are offered in New Zealand, even at the popular SkyCity online casino. This means all of the graphics, sounds, and lights of the game are able to provide endless hours of entertainment. With that, it is not surprising to hear that a lot of the revenue earned is mostly coming from the slot games they provide.

Gamblers have been playing slot games for years and because of this, there have also been some that have become the most popular to play within New Zealand. Below, we have listed a few of them that you will also enjoy.

The Wheel of Fortune Slot

The Wheel of Fortune slot game continues to be one of the top slot games played in New Zealand. Coming from IGT and being widely known internationally, it is no wonder why their Wheel of Fortune slot would also be so popular. From the moment that Wheel of Fortune made its debut in the mid-90s, it became an instant hit almost overnight. Today, it continues to remain a fan favorite among all skill levels.

But the question remains, what makes the Wheel of Fortune slot game so popular? Well, it goes without saying that it has to do with the equally popular game show. It is also highly likely that many gamblers may be reliving memories that they have of the show and they get to relive them in a slot version. Plus, with so many variations to the slot game, this may have also been why Wheel of Fortune has become so appealing. As you play, you will see that the game you are playing may also be a different version, however with the same outcome of entertainment.

The Cleopatra Slot

If you have many game preferences, then you may be happy to know that the Cleopatra slot game is also a popular choice aside from Wheel of Fortune. Just by the look and feel of Cleopatra, it makes it a slot that IGT has become proud to offer to gamblers.

Regardless of how Cleopatra is enjoyed, the theme of ancient Egypt is fully capable of offering an endless amount of fantastic graphics along with other characteristics. Playing Cleopatra also allows players to enjoy the multitude of bonuses and free spins that get triggered constantly. With more than one version offered, the original Cleopatra remains the most popular version among them.

The Megabucks Slot

With Megabucks being around for a long time, it is no surprise that it too would be a popular game to play in New Zealand. Being another slot that IGT designed, Megabucks is a progressive jackpot that has been paying out big wins since the mid-80s. With the slot being a progressive jackpot, its $1 million minimum top prize is able to be won where ever a slot is located throughout the world.

With Megabucks being able to provide many high winning amounts, it seems like it is far from being done. Especially when the high amount can be as much as $40 million or more which occurred in 2003.

The Double Diamond Slot

The Double Diamond slot game is a popular choice that presents its excitement throughout the treasure themed design. With a nice appeal, it has been able to provide a great number of winnings throughout the years. With a straightforward approach, Double Diamond has been able to remain entertaining and effective.

As far as the name of the slot game is concerned, it is representative of a symbol (Double Diamond) that automatically makes your winnings doubled when it lands. If you happen to obtain all three of the Double Diamonds, then you become the jackpot winner.

The Double Diamond slot game has provided many variations of it including the following versions:

• Double Triple Diamond Deluxe with Cheese

• Double Diamond 2000

• Triple Double Diamond

• Double Diamond Deluxe

Being able to play any of these forms of the original may be the highlight of any gambler who loves the original but wants to try something new. Plus, being entertained for a long period of time is also a plus.

The Blazing 7’s Slot

With the Blazing 7’s slot game, you get another opportunity to win a huge progressive jackpot. Having a number seven represented has always had meaning throughout the gambling world and it seems appropriate to be representative of this slot game.

As far as gameplay goes, it is pretty much self-explanatory as far as slot quality and layout are concerned. However, it is also a classic in its own right which has allowed it to earn its popularity that stems as far back as the 70s. With the amount of history that Blazing 7’s has, it is evident that the slot game knows how to have their players come back for more.

The Starburst Slot

This would not be a list if the Starburst slot game was not listed. Developed by NetEnt, it remains their most popular slot throughout New Zealand. If you are regular with online slots, then you have likely seen the slot being offered for play. While playing, you will enjoy the many bonuses that pop up and which are only seen in the Starburst slot.

Gamblers will love the fact that Starburst is simple to play and that they will eventually win more than they thought they could.

The Mega Moolah Slot

With Mega Moolah, you get a chance to play a relatively new slot but have gained a huge amount of popularity thanks in part to the biggest jackpot recorded in 2015. It was this year that the slot paid out an astounding prize of €17,879,645!

So with this win, it is obvious that everyone wants to get a piece of the pie in New Zealand. Aside from the huge jackpots, Mega Moolah also offers a charming theme that enables it to maintain loyal players.

There are also some great features that players love to benefit from such as its Lion wild and “monkey” free spins. Its random bonus appears often so players are able to win several different prizes and jackpots. With its Mega Jackpot, this progressive is certainly capable of changing your life forever if you hit it.